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Ground Search and Rescue Academy

23 - 30 July 2023

(Staff arrive 22 July 2023 and will follow separate reporting instructions)







This training activity is for cadets and senior officers and will be conducted on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) property near Tacoma, Washington. It will be an opportunity to experience a realistic Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) training environment that combines teamwork and individual skills to become proficient in the ground team mission. The academy is conducted almost exclusively in the field environment and proper preparation cannot be overemphasized.

CAP personnel will conduct ground team member training for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining skills in accordance with CAP SQTRs on the topics of ground search and rescue, urban direction finding & WAC 118-04 Core Requirements.

Email gsara@wawg.cap.gov for more info!

Course Descriptions

(See Participant Requirements here)

Basic Course - $180

  1. Instruction on all Ground Team Member (GTM) 3 tasks and Urban Direction Finding (UDF) tasks IAW SQTRs & WAC 118-04 Core Requirement courses (Helicopter Safety & Crime Scene Awareness)

    1. ✔ Sign offs for successfully passed evaluations

  2. Instruction and evaluation on all Pennsylvania Wing Ranger 3rd Class rating      requirements

  3. Leadership & Extensive team building exercises

Advanced Course - $180

  1. Students will train and be evaluated through the GTM1 level further enhancing skills in rescue techniques, land search theory, air to ground coordination, advanced navigation skills including latitude and longitude, casualty evacuation, advanced survival skills, and SAR team training.

  2. Students will also learn the leadership skills necessary to build ground teams in their home units.

  3. Instruction and evaluation available on all Pennsylvania Wing Ranger 2nd and 1st Class rating

  4. Students will practice their newly honed skills during several search simulations and may spend up to four days away from base camp on a field training exercise.

  5. The field training will include extensive hiking with full 72-hour gear.

Staff Training Program - $180

Role - Open to Seniors as well as Cadets. Serve in leadership positions at the discretion of Academy Operations.  Flexibility and enthusiasm to lead teams as well as supporting staff is a must.  Final role will be determined by Operations prior to the Academy.

Prior completion of the GSAR Academy or equivalent
Wright Brothers award for Cadets
ACTIVE participation at squadron level
Hold an “Active” GTM 3 F101 Card Qualification
Participation in pre-Academy training
Four weekends PRIOR to the Academy
March 25-26, April 29-30, May 20-21, and June 24-25 2023 

Contact information
Email your intent of participation (NLT 17 March) to the GSARA Staff Training Project Officer 1st Lt Rodney Greenwood at rodney.greenwood@wawg.cap.gov and CC bryan.watson@wawg.cap.gov and joe.pace@wawg.cap.gov Once your intent is received you will be presented with further information accompanied with an application package. 


Student Arrival Location (location subject to change):

We will meet at the “C5 Mockup” just outside of the East Gate of Joint Base Lewis McChord.

(Use Google Maps and search “C5 Mockup”)

There is no street address.  The location is highly visible from the road.

Note:  Google Maps may take you through JBLM.  If you don’t have access to JBLM, use East Gate Road off of SR 507 between Spanaway and Roy.

Contact the GSAR Academy staff if you have questions, gsar@wawg.cap.gov.


There is no on-site parking. Plan to be dropped off!



Airport Pick-Up

Pick-up available to participants arriving at Sea-Tac Intl. Airport only.

Please don't book flights until you are sure you have been accepted to the academy.

Pick-up available from Sea-Tac airport on 22 July between 1400 and 1600 PDT only.

Before purchasing tickets, individually coordinate with the Logistics Section, Lt Col Teresia Sayler, gsar@wawg.cap.gov.

Amtrak Pick-Up

For those arriving by Amtrak (via Cascades or Coast Starlight), book tickets so that you arrive no later than 2000 22 July 2023 and departing no earlier than 1300 Sunday 30 July 2023.  The station name is “Centennial” and the address is 6600 Yelm Hwy SE, Lacey, WA 98513.

Before purchasing tickets, individually coordinate with the Logistics Section, Lt Col Teresia Sayler, gsar@wawg.cap.gov.

Student Departure Time:

Check-out and pickup will be 30 July 2023 at 1200 hrs, sharp.

Guardians! We know you will have just spent the week away from your Cadet and will be looking forward to seeing them!


  • arrive on time! Many of our staff will have a long trip home followed by hours of unpacking and securing gear.
  • keep your phone available so we can make contact and update you in the event we return earlier than 1200.

Airport Drop-Off 

Airport drop-off is available to participants at Sea-Tac Intl. Airport only.

Drop-off will be 30 July, NLT 1400 PDT.  Remember to allow time for TSA.

Amtrak Drop-Off

For Drop-Off via Amtrak (Cascades or Coast Starlight), book tickets that depart no earlier than 1300 Sunday 30 July 2023.  The station name is “Centennial” and the address is 6600 Yelm Hwy SE, Lacey, WA 98513.

If you have any questions due to arrival/departure time, contact Lt. Col. Teresia Sayler 360-951-4030.



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