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Staff Training Program

Staff Training Program - $180

This training has two phases:  1. Four spring weekend trainings and 2. Serve in a staff position at the Academy.  Upon successful completion of both phases the member is then recognized on permanent staff.

The payment above covers both training phases.

Role - Open to Senior Officers and Cadets. Serve in leadership positions at the discretion of the Academy Operations Director.  Flexibility and enthusiasm to lead teams as well as supporting staff is a must.  Your final role will be determined by Operations prior to the Academy.


  • Prior completion of the GSAR Academy or equivalent

  • Wright Brothers award for Cadets

  • Level 1 for Seniors

  • ACTIVE participation at squadron level

  • Hold an “Active” GTM 3 CAPF 101 Qualification

  • Participation in pre-Academy training


  • Four weekends PRIOR to the Academy

  • March, April, May, and June 2024 (Specific dates soon, contact 1st Lt Rodney Greenwood at Rodney.greenwood@wawg.cap.gov)

Contact information:

Email your intent of participation (NLT 1 March) to the GSARA Staff Training Project Officer 1st Lt Rodney Greenwood at rodney.greenwood@wawg.cap.gov and CC bryan.watson@wawg.cap.gov and joe.pace@wawg.cap.gov Once your intent is received you will be presented with further information accompanied with an application package.

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