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7-9 Oct 2022


Students learn the basic fundamentals for the operation of a Dining Facility. A wide range of training includes: Meal Planning, Inventory and Portion Control, Food Preparation using safe processes and guidelines, Serving and meal period set up, clean-up and kitchen maintenance procedures. Students train under the supervision of the DFAC Manager and the Cadet Officer OIC. Class is limited to 5 students which may be a combination of Cadet and Senior Members.


This weekend will focus on drones and quadcopters. Participants will explore the physics of flying for quadcopters as well as safety rules, ethics, and regulations. They will learn how to fly indoor quadcopters under the guidance of a pilot senior member. We will also look into the application of the use of drones in professional fields and training opportunities CAP offers for Emergency Services purposes. All aspiring pilots will have to pass the TRUST certification which is required by the FAA for all operators. By the end of the weekend, cadets will have accumulated 12 hours of STEM activities which they can apply towards their Cadet STEM Badge (CAPP 60-41). Class is limited to 15 students, Cadets and/or Senior Members.


This class will help your home squadron be prepared to present a Color Guard for your local community or for the Cadet Competition. Basic skills of drill and ceremonies that a Color Guard performs will be taught and practiced. Members of the Fairchild AFB Honor Guard will instruct the class on Saturday and cover the duties and skills of an Honor Guard. On Sunday morning, students will learn how to prepare for a CAP Color Guard Competition.

They will also demonstrate their newly acquired skills. Class size is 24 and no prior experience is needed. WAMA has no color Guard equipment. It is highly encouraged that students arrange with local squadrons to bring flags, color guard rifles, harnesses and gloves.


ICUT Training students should arrive having already completed the ICUT training module in AXIS.

They will then complete the requirement with a hands-on practical exam.

Urban Direction Finding (UDF) training will require students have a CAPF 101 (ES card).


Students will work on qualification tasks such as:

Complete Task L-0101 (Inspect a vehicle)

Complete Task O-0201 (Use a compass)

Complete Task O-0205 (Locate a point on a map using the CAP Grid System)

Complete Task O-0214 (Determine and plot an azimuth on a map)

Complete Task O-0218 (Locate own position on a map using terrain


Complete Task O-0220 (Move from point to point in a vehicle using a map)

Complete Task O-0301 Determine distress beacon bearing)

Complete Task O-0302 (Locate a distress beacon)

Complete Task O-0303 (Deactivate a distress beacon)

Complete Task O-0304 (Triangulate on a distress beacon single)

Complete Task O-0420 (Perform an Airfield Search (Ramp check))

Complete Task P-0101 Demonstrate the ability to keep a log


Completion will depend on the students' demonstration of the tasks. Students should dress for the weather and bring hydration equipment along with notepad and pencil/pen.

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