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9-11 Dec 2022



CP - Squadron Structure & Development

Learn how to incorporate command structure, NCO/ Officer roles, and squadron scheduling to produce a functioning goal oriented squadron. Within the course, students will be able to produce and develop a multitude of skills that they may use at their home squadrons. Instruction will be equivalent to small squadron settings (8-20 cadets), to larger squadron settings (22-40 cadets). Cadet staff training, such as Cadet Commander, Deputy Commander, and Cadet First Sergeant is also going to be covered and reviewed. Cadets with the grade of C/SSgt and above and welcome to sign up. This class is limited to 12 students.

E&T - Logistics & Transportation 


OJT - DFAC Course & Training

Students learn the basic fundamentals for the operation of a Dining Facility. A wide range of training includes: Meal Planning, Inventory and Portion Control, Food Preparation using safe processes and guidelines, serving and meal period set up, clean-up and kitchen maintenance procedures. Students train under the supervision of the DFAC Manager and the Cadet Officer OIC. Class is limited to 4 students which may be a combination of Cadet and Senior Members. You must obtain a Washington State Food Worker's Card to participate in this course. To obtain this card, go to: www.foodworkercard.wa.gov.

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