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23-02-10 - February 2023

AE - Fundamentals of Engineering -  Course description coming soon.  This class is limited to 15 students.

CP - Cadre Selection Skills Training -  Are you looking to become staff at an encampment or a cadet special activity? Learn how to present yourself and your experiences on a resume, in-person interview, and through the digital realm of cadet applications (Such as Washington Wing’s Cascade Falcon Encampment). Throughout this course, students will learn the support, line, and command side of performing at the staff level. Familiarization of cadre expectations for students will also be reviewed along with practical training. This course helps cadets develop their command presence and knowledge in the cadre field. This class has a prerequisite as having graduated from a previous summer or winter encampment.  Cadets with the grade of C/SrA and up are welcome to join.  This class is limited to 15 students.

ES - Ground SAREX Training Exercise - We will be conducting a "mock" SAREX training exercise.  Students will utilize previously taught skills in various Emergency Services areas to be certified in SQTRS.  Emphasis will be for MRO, MSA, and UDF skill sets but other areas can be addressed as needed.  This class will be assigned a CAP Mission Number for certification purposes.  The class is limited to 15 students.

OJT - DFAC Course & Training - Students learn the basic fundamentals for the operation of a Dining Facility. A wide range of training includes:  Meal Planning, Inventory and Portion Control, Food Preparation using safe processes and guidelines, serving and meal period set up, clean-up and kitchen maintenance procedures. Students train under the supervision of the DFAC Manager and the Cadet Officer OIC. Class is limited to 3 students which may be a combination of Cadet and Senior Members. You must obtain a Washington State Food Worker's Card to participate in this course. To obtain this card, go to: www.foodworkercard.wa.gov.

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