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10-12 March 2023

AE - ASTRONOMY - During this weekend, Cadets will learn about the Moon and NASA's Artemis program through hands-on activities extracted from the Northwest Earth & Space Sciences Pathways (NESSP) challenge: the 2022-2023 Artemis ROADS (Rover Observation And Drone Survey - https://nwessp.org/challenge/artemis-roads/). We will observe the Moon and model its motion compared to the Earth and the Sun, learn about its formation and its nature. We will study the surface of the Moon, its rocks and its regolith to help us with the design of our lunar rovers and their wheels. Using LEGO robots, we will simulate rovers and program them to perform missions. Additionally, we will look into the future Lunar Habitats for humans and the hazards they will encounter. Telescopes will be available for night sky observations.

CP - CADET NCO SCHOOL - The goal of the Noncommissioned Officers School (NCOS) is to provide the cadet with a foundation for the intermediate phases of the cadet training in Civil Air Patrol. NCOS stresses the fundamental aspects of instructional techniques, evaluation methods and intermediate leadership laboratory skills.

ES #1 - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) - Students will complete initial preparatory tasks in the UAST (sUAS Technician) and UASMP (sUAS Mission Pilot) Emergency Services qualifications. If weather permits, familiarization flights will be conducted at an offsite location. No prior sUAS experience required. Completion of GES required prior to training. Students with existing task progression in the UAST and/or UASMP qualifications will have an opportunity to continue making progress towards completing the qualification.

ES #2 - Map Reading and Navigation - Where in Washington is WAMA and how do I get there? Learn and practice the map knowledge and skills.  This class will focus on GTM2 map skill knowledge, and the demonstration of those skills.  As time allows, we will add other map and navigation skills and exercises.

PD - SQUADRON COMMANDERS SCHOOL - This course is for new and current Squadron Commanders who are working toward a Squadron Commander’s position in the future.  The class will familiarize members with the first 30 days of command, forms needed to complete the command changeover, common financial forms used by squadron staff, the different types of awards for cadets, and how to record awards in the member’s eServices file, the best way to use the Quality Cadet Unit Award to help structure your squadron for success, and information on squadron level disciplinary actions.  This course doesn’t replace the online Squadron Commander’s course in eServices.   Limited to 10 students

OJT - DFAC COURSE - Students learn the basic fundamentals for the operation of a Dining Facility.  A wide range of training includes:  Meal Planning, Inventory and Portion Control, Food Preparation using safe processes and guidelines, Serving and meal period set up, clean-up and kitchen maintenance procedures.  Students train under the supervision of the DFAC Manager and the Cadet Officer OIC.  Class is limited to 3 students which may be a combination of Cadet and Senior Members.  Students must obtain a Washington State Food Workers Card after registering for this course.   Do it Right, Serve it Safe! (wa.gov)

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