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WAMA Packing List

You Should Bring:

  • Paperwork:

    • Current CAP Membership Card.

    • Current 101 Card (If needed for class).

    • Completed Forms: (Only if not submitted online during registration)

    • Cadets:

      • CAPF-60-80 Required for all attendees. (Requires parent signature.)

      • CAPF-160 CAP Member Health History Form (Two-sided form requiring signature.)

      • CAPF-161 Emergency Information Form

      • CAPF-163 Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication Form (Requires signature.)

    • Officers (Senior Members):

      • CAPF-160 CAP Member Health History Form (Two-sided form requiring signature.)

      • CAPF-161 Emergency Information Form

  • Uniforms:

    • Cadets:

      • ABUs, including cap and combat boots

      • (2) Tan T-shirts, pairs of underwear and socks

      • PT clothes & shoes ( PT outfit including athletic shoes, athletic shorts or sweatpants, and a t-shirt and/or sweatshirt. ABU/BDUs will NOT be worn.)

      • ABU/BDU-style field coat or warm "civilian attire" coat with black gloves, appropriate for weather

      • Raincoat or poncho (Optional)

      • Hydration Gear

      • Casual clothing for Saturday night free time. (Clothing of an appropriate nature, no short-shorts, tank tops, or spaghetti strap tops)

      • Appropriate Sleepwear.

    • Officers:

      • ABUs, including cap and combat boots

        • Tan T-shirts

          • ABU uniforms may be worn for ES class participation.

      • Flight Suit

        • Only if an active flight crew member for the weekend.

      • Blues or Corporate Style Uniform (Gray slacks & polo or aviator shirt.)

          • Not generally worn for classes involving field activity

  • Other Items:

    • Sleeping bag and pillow. (Twin size sheets (2) and a blanket are also permissible

    • Clipboard/notebook and paper.

    • Pen and Pencil.

    • Shoeshine kit.

    • Towel, washcloth, shower shoes, & toiletries.

    • Flashlight and batteries.

    • Prescription drugs.

      • (Allergy, asthma, etc... Please let the Medical Officer know if you have special health requirements!)

    • 24 Hour Pack For GT3 and UDF trainees should be brought. (As Needed for Field Training) Instruction will be given as to how to acquire necessary items. List includes:


  • Tobacco products (cadets).

    • Senior members, the building is a Non-Smoking area. Smoking is only allowed in the identified Smoking Area.

  • Alcoholic beverages of any kind.

  • Personal Electronic Devices:

    • AM/FM radios, DVD players, Video games of all types, Laptops/Tablets (cadets not assigned to staff)

    • Cell phones (cadets-cell phone use is prohibited unless on cadet staff).

  • Knives of any kind on person (cadets).

    • (Cadets will only be allowed to have a small knife in their 24-hour pack for appropriate use solely during field exercises.)

  • Firearms

  • Non-prescription drugs

  • More than $30 dollars spending money.

  • If you are a cadet and you drive / fly yourself to the event, expect to turn in your keys during the weekend.

  • If you have food with you,

    • Do not keep it in the sleeping quarters.

    • You may store it in the Kitchen with your name on the package.

  • Matches, lighters, fire starters, fireworks, etc.

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