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WAWG Cadet Competition

Activity Director (2024 Season)

1st Lt Kieran Ratayczak


Washington Wing Cadet Competition

26-28 Apr 2024 | Marysville, WA

Pacific Region Cadet Competition

Late Aug 2024 | March ARB, CA

National Cadet Competition

The National Cadet Competition 
has been discontinued.

Region is now the highest-level of
the Cadet Competition program.

Team Registration

Team commanders, please go to this form and fill out the information: 

A team roster is not necessary in order to register.

Register Your Team

** If a team commander has not been selected, the primary SM escort should complete this form.

Unit registration will be open from 2/12/24 through 3/15/24.

Unit participation fees, as discussed below, will be due (TBA).

A final team roster will be sent to the Activity Director NLT (TBA).

Staff Interest

Please email cadet-competition@wawg.cap.gov with a resume / preference for position. Reference CAPP 60-75, 1-8 for details on these positions. The following positions are available: 

Safety Officer - SM Only

DFAC Officer - SM Only

Scorekeeper - SM Only

Judges (x8) - SM with strong knowledge of cadet programs, uniform wear, drill and ceremonies. Phase IV cadets are welcome to apply as well. 

Public Affairs - SM or Cadet, C/SSgt or above

Cadet Adjutant - C/2d Lt or above

Mission Staff Assistants (x2) - C/SSgt or above

DFAC Team (x2) - C/SSgt or above

Support staff applications will close on 2/29/24 EOD.

Competitor Information (2024)


Each squadron* may field one team, which must consist of the following:

6 x Cadets (must have completed Achievement 1)

2 x Senior members or Cadet Sponsor Members (must have completed CPP).

               *Up to 2 units may join together to form a team, per CAPP 60-75 1-2c

Uniform of the Day will be Blues with tie or tie tab, no service coats.

Check-in will be 6pm on Friday, 4/26/24. Please eat dinner prior to arrival. 

Check-out will be dependent on the number of teams, but we expect a range between 1pm and 3pm. This information will be updated after unit registration closes. 

Cost Information

Units will pay for competition by using a Unit Fund Transfer (UFT). This will allow for a unit to change its participants if a team member is unable to attend after the team is registered. Participants will pay their units and the Squadron will conduct a UFT to lump sum the costs to Wing .

Cost per team member (cadets and senior escorts) is (TBD)

Cost per staff member (cadets and seniors) is (TBD)


CAPP 60-75 National Cadet Competition


  • Core
    • Indoor Posting of the Colors (4 cadet team)

    • Outdoor Posting of the Colors (3 cadet team)

    • Color Guard Drill (4 cadet team)

    • Element Drill

    • Team Leadership Problem

    • Written Exam

    • Cadet Physical Fitness Test

    • Uniform Inspection (2 cadet team, random)

    • Uniform Preparation (2 cadet team, random)

  • Elective
    • Public Speaking (ungraded, individual)

      • Extemporaneous - 2 cadets selected by team

      • Impromptu - 2 random cadets selected at the event

    • Panel Quiz (ungraded, team)

First and Second Place Team:

  • Will advance to the Pacific Region Cadet Competition.

  • Will receive travel assistance from Region HQ to attend region competition.
    Teams must fund the remainder of their travel and competition costs.

  • Will be invited to present the colors at the following Wing Conference.

PCR Competition:

  • With the discontinuation of the National Cadet Competition, Region Competition is now the highest level of competition.

  • Winning team will be invited to present the colors at the following Region Conference.



Deputy Director/Chief Judge:

Safety/Health Services Officer:

Admin Officer:

DFAC Officer:














Public Affairs: Open

Cadet Adjutant: Open

Mission Staff Assistants:



DFAC Team:



If you are interested in serving on staff at Cadet Competition, please send an email of interest to cadet-competition@wawg.cap.gov.

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