Washington Wing
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Senior Staff

 Encampment Commander

Lt Col Sid Wiggs


Advisor to the Commander



Commandant of Cadets

Capt Lacee Beddo


Director,  Advanced Training Squadron 
Lt Col Tim Kelley 


ATS Advisor

SMSgt Cindy Compoc


Curriculum and Plans Officer

Capt Zach Lam (interim)


Chief Training Officer
Capt Tom Weir


 Squadron Training Officers



Flight Training Officers



Assistant Training Officers


Food Services Officer(s)

Capt Audra Keyanna 

SM Kelsey Shawe (Asst)

1st Lt David McCammon

SM Holly Natale

Logistics Officer(s)

Lt Col Rob Siau 


Communications Officer
Maj Gary Wicklund 

Capt Steve Heinzman (Asst)


Transportation Officer
Col Bill Ray

1St Lt Steven Von Seggern (Asst)


Public Affairs Officer

Capt Andrew Kolstad


Administration Officer
Capt Allison Siau

2d Lt Mike Halim (Asst)


IT Officer
2d Lt Mike Halim


Safety Officer(s)
2d Lt Joshua Lay

Finance Officer
1st Lt Nicole Clemetson 

Col Dave Maxwell (Asst)


Health Services Officer
Capt. David Colvin


Ch, Capt. David I. Gossett


If you are interested in serving as senior staff, email us at cascadefalcon@wawg.cap.gov

Encampment Materials

CAPP 60-70 Cadet Encampment Guide

CAPP 60-71 Cadet Encampment Handbook

Packing List  NOTE: Seniors may substitute the Corporate  Working Uniform (polo shirt) or Blue BDU uniforms for ABUs, for the Air Force "Blues"  you may also wear the White Aviator Shirt or "dress" version of the  Corporate Working Uniform (with dress slacks or skirt worn in place of "tactical" pants) Optional: also bring your Air Force Service Coat or Blazer for wear at the awards ceremony and Graduation pass in review.  Senior staff should also provide your own bedding and pillow. 

Important Resources

CAPP 60-33 Drill and Ceremonies Manual

CAPR 39-1 Uniform Manual

Respect on Display

CAPP 60-15 Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide

McChord Rack Builder

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