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Desert Eagle Glider Academy

2-11 Aug 24

Camp Boucher, Ephrata, WA

Applications for students for the Desert Eagle Glider Academy will be accepted 4-16 Jun 24.  This is a very short application window so complete the registration as soon as possible. 

When you have received the Acceptance Letter, you must complete the on-line registration and payment options process not later than 10 July 2024 at 11 PM.  To complete your registration, click on the REGISTRATION button below.


The goal of this Glider Academy is to prepare cadets for possible solo flight in a CAP glider.  CAP Glider Certified Flight Instructors will train, teach, and determine if the students are ready to fly solo.  Weather and aircraft mechanical issues may also prevent a cadet from soloing.  This will be a very competitive event due to the low number of slots available (12).  We are looking for mature, aviation focused students.  

Inclusive cost is $1,500 and will not be collected until after cadets are selected.  (Payment options will be provided with selection notification.  Once selected, Cadets are encouraged to approach their local Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Military Clubs for scholarships.  Squadrons may also be able to provide some financial assistance.  Don’t let the cost prevent you from applying but start making a plan as to how you will get the funding if you are selected. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 14 years old by 16 Jun 24

  • Have completed encampment prior to 16 Jun 24

  • Be an active CAP cadet

  • Submit an application package NLT 2359 PST on 16 Jun 24 (earlier is better)

Application Package contents include:

  • CAPF 60-81 Application for Encampment/Special Activity (Commander’s approval in NOT required)

  • CAPF 160 – Health Record

  • CAPF 161 – Emergency Contact Info

  • CAPF 163 – Over the Counter Medication

  • Cover letter that includes why you want to attend this academy and your aviation career plans

  • Resume to include achievements in school, CAP, and other extracurricular activities


  • Letter of Recommendation from a member of your units’ Command Structure (Commander, Deputy Commander, or Deputy Commander for Cadets).  This letter may be emailed separately to DesertEagleGliderAcademy@wawg.cap.gov and will be considered Unit Approval for the Cadet to attend.  (Please include Applicant’s name in the Subject Line.)

Email the application package with all forms attached to it and have the subject line include the cadet’s name.  Send to:  DesertEagleGliderAcademy@wawg.cap.gov

Selection and notification will be accomplished NLT 23 Jun 24.

Selectees will be required to obtain a FAA Student Pilot License (information will be provided).  Any additional requirements will be specified at the time of selection notification. 

Please contact DesertEagleGliderAcademy@wawg.cap.gov if you have questions. 

Activity Project Officer: Lt Col Kathy Maxwell

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