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Flight Line Marshalling

Upcoming Training Events

Any FLM training opportunities, prior to SkyFest, will be sent via WAWG ANNOUNCE.


To be considered for Flight Line Duty at SkyFest, your eServices FLM Ops Qualifications needs to show you as Active or in Training status.  


eServices Tasks for FLM

Flight Line Marshaller Pre-Requisites: No of Required Tasks: 1

GES- General Emergency Services (Pre-requisite for attending FLM Training)

Commander Approval for Pre-Requisites: No. of Required Tasks: 1

FLM- Commander Approval for Pre-Requisites (NOTE: You want to go into E-Services and enter a date into the SQTR and it will send your Unit Commander a request to approve. Follow up with your Unit Commander to approve)

Flight Line Marshaller - Familiarization and Preparatory Training - No. of Required Tasks (5) (Covered in Class)

Complete Task O-3001 - Discuss Flightline Marshallers Responsibilities

Complete Task O-3002 - State the Five Flight Line Safety Precautions

Complete Task O-3003 - Identify Requirements for Vehicles on the Flightline

Complete Task O-3004 - Discuss Flight Line Safety

Complete Task O-3005 - Discuss Flight Line Hazards


Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training - No of Required Tasks (1) (Same as the other Approval above)

FLM - Commander Approval for Familiarization and Preparatory Training


Flight Line Marshaller - Advanced Training - No. of Required Tasks: 15


  ICUT - Introductory Communications User Training and can be found on E-Services    
  IS700 - IS-700 (COMPLETE ON-LINE)    
  Aircraft Ground Handling - ES (COMPLETE ON-LINE)    
  Complete Basic First Aid Training or Equivalent   (Need to be fully qualified- go to local fire station or hospital or Red Cross)
  Complete Task L-0001 Introductory Communications Procedures for ES Operations 
  Complete Task O-3006 Marshall an aircraft 
  Complete Task O-3007 - Be a Wing Walker
  Complete Task O-3008 - Perform Aircraft Startup Procedures
  Complete Task O-3009 - Perform aircraft taxi procedures
  Complete Task O-3010 Perform Aircraft Shutdown and Chocking Procedures
  Complete Task O-3011 - Tie Down and Aircraft
  Complete Task O-3012 - Demonstrate Proper Ground Safety Observer Techniques
  Complete Task O-3013 - Demonstrate the Ability to Fuel an Aircraft
  Complete Task O-3014 - Demonstrate knowledge of flight line security


Flight Line Marshaller - Exercise Participation - No. of Required Tasks: 2

Exercise Participation-Flight Line Marshaller (This can be the hands on practice with aircraft)

Exercise Participation-Flight Line Marshaller #2 (Can be training or air show with hands on marshaling with a Supervisor)


Flight Line Marshaller - Continuing Education Examination - No. of Required Tasks: 1

CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam - Part 2 (On-Line Exam)

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